Top 3 Thought Provoking News of the Week – Demise of Blogging; Trends; More Harsh Realities

Pitch: The Rise of Visual Media. The Demise of Blogging?

Takeaway:  800 word blog posts -> 400 word blog posts -> 140 character Twitter posts -> (no words) Pinterest

Search engines now rank content based on social conversations and sharing, not just websites alone.

Thought Provoked: I think this is one of many big elephants in the room we all choose to ignore. Video is the future. There’s no doubt about it. It is one of the biggest trends in marketing. Even some books have movie-like trailers to entice buyers. It is the ultimate Continue reading


Group Work Experiments – You Fooled Me Once, Twice…Now Stop Fooling Me!

I have fallen victim to so many surprise group work tests.

Seth Godin: Ok, now it’s time to use what we’ve learned the past two days to create a book from scratch. You have 2 hours to brainstorm ideas, write, and design the book to be published from scratch. The topic is “How to be an Impresario on Campus.”

A half hour later:

Seth Godin: Stop stop stop. What’s going wrong?

*It’s a good thing he came in early to help nudge us into the right direction. Here is our finished work. I think we are all quite proud of it.

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Rerealizing the Importance of Blogging

I have been caught up on reading and learning that I have pushed aside blogging. It is interesting that I keep telling myself to do so, sometimes even thinking about the points I would write, and as time passes I clearly notice that what I remember is slowly diminishing.

At the same time, the most common examples I bring up in conversations are from the material on this blog – further reaffirming the reasons on why I blog. (I seriously need to stop talking about intrinsic motivation – but feel free to check out this post)

The best way to learn is to teach.

The last two months have been quite a quest for knowledge.

But now it’s time for a change of pace and for me to move on from my current internship to spend the next half month utilizing that knowledge to Continue reading