Group Work Experiments – You Fooled Me Once, Twice…Now Stop Fooling Me!

I have fallen victim to so many surprise group work tests.

Seth Godin: Ok, now it’s time to use what we’ve learned the past two days to create a book from scratch. You have 2 hours to brainstorm ideas, write, and design the book to be published from scratch. The topic is “How to be an Impresario on Campus.”

A half hour later:

Seth Godin: Stop stop stop. What’s going wrong?

*It’s a good thing he came in early to help nudge us into the right direction. Here is our finished work. I think we are all quite proud of it.

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Top 3 Thought Provoking News of The Week – Robots and Spoiled Millenials Take Over

Pitch: It doesn’t take much to self-publish. Here’s how:

Takeaway: This is more of a re-realization on how easy it is to create something. For my college application I created an illustrated resume through When I was at orientation, the Dean of Admissions remembered my book, came up to me, and commended me on it. It no longer takes “$5,000 to $10,000” to publish something. It just takes acting out on your plans.

Thought Provoked: If I were to write about something, what would I write about? In what ways could it benefit me and others?

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Emotional Intelligence in Entrepreneurs

           What makes a start-up company successful? Some say it is the product, the market, the competition and some say it is the

entrepreneur. It can be said that the company would fail without any of these components. Thus, these components must be analyzed in depth to determine the probability of success. However of all the components, how can an entrepreneur’s ability be measured? The first measure that comes to mind would be his resume, but experience alone cannot make an entrepreneur successful. IQ is definitely a factor, but according to Malcolm Gladwell in Outliers, studies have showed that after the threshold of 120 IQ, any higher IQ does not really have an effect. A term called emotional intelligence seems to be the missing “X” factor.

Emotional Intelligence is a relatively new field and thus currently a very popular topic of discussion. At the same time, there are also plenty of research left to be done and material to write about.

Here is a general outlook of the relationship between EI and entrepreneurship based on the research that has been done so far. Before looking into how EI relates with entrepreneurs, let’s look at…

What makes an Entrepreneur?

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Why I Blog

“We learn… 10 percent of what we read, 20 percent of what we hear, 30 percent of what we see, 50 percent of what we see and hear, 70 percent of what we discuss with others, 80 percent of what we experience, and 95 percent of what we teach to someone.” – Some Chinese proverb my middle school math teacher passed down to me.

Have you ever read something interesting and just wanted to jot it down? Well I’d rather jot it down for an audience and that way I can remember things better. Why? Because more cognitive brain functions are used and therefore memory is easier to retrieve and therefore easier to retain.

“Getting an A in French class is a performance goal. Being able to speak French is a learning goal…But only one leads to mastery” – Daniel H. Pink

I major in Psychology simply because I  enjoy learning it. When the amount of work I have becomes overwhelming, I don’t have time to dwell on interesting topics to the point it is ingrained in my long term memory; it is ingrained in my memory just long enough for me to take that test the next morning. I get that A, but what do I leave with? Not much. I took Astrology or whatever that class is called – Wanderers and Explorers Freshmen year. I did fine in that class, but can I recall anything I learned? Nope – not a single damn fact.

So here’s to remembering and keeping track of things. Also, who doesn’t have the urge to jot down notes on interesting things they’ve read or interesting thoughts they ‘thunk’?

This is why I blog.