Top 3 Thought Provoking News of the Week – Demise of Blogging; Trends; More Harsh Realities

Pitch: The Rise of Visual Media. The Demise of Blogging?

Takeaway:  800 word blog posts -> 400 word blog posts -> 140 character Twitter posts -> (no words) Pinterest

Search engines now rank content based on social conversations and sharing, not just websites alone.

Thought Provoked: I think this is one of many big elephants in the room we all choose to ignore. Video is the future. There’s no doubt about it. It is one of the biggest trends in marketing. Even some books have movie-like trailers to entice buyers. It is the ultimate Continue reading


Top 3 Thought Provoking News of The Week – Robots and Spoiled Millenials Take Over

Pitch: It doesn’t take much to self-publish. Here’s how:

Takeaway: This is more of a re-realization on how easy it is to create something. For my college application I created an illustrated resume through When I was at orientation, the Dean of Admissions remembered my book, came up to me, and commended me on it. It no longer takes “$5,000 to $10,000” to publish something. It just takes acting out on your plans.

Thought Provoked: If I were to write about something, what would I write about? In what ways could it benefit me and others?

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Top 3 Thought Provoking News of the Week – VC Pays $100k to College Dropouts

Pitch: Peter Thiel gives 24 young entrepreneurs $100,000 to abandon college and pursue their dreams. See how they’re doing:

Takeaway: The best way to learn is by going out there and doing. What’s the worst that could happen?

Thought Provoked: With the rising cost of colleges, poor job market, and lack of returns, is this a new direction of higher learning? Continue reading