Art Student: Realist or Abstract Art?

I found this quote in A Concise History of Modern Painting– my current bedside book.

“To paint an autumn landscape I will not try to remember what colours suit the season, I will be inspired only by the sensation that the season gives me; the icy clearness of the sour blue sky will express the season just as well as the tonalities of the leaves. My sensation itself may vary, the autumn may be soft and warm like a protracted summer or quite cool with a cold sky and lemon yellow trees that give a chilly impression and announce winter.”

Autumn Landscape with Boats - Kadinsky 1908

Autumn Landscape with Boats – Kadinsky 1908

It is a dense read that usually puts me to sleep, but as someone who never pondered over Matisse’s artwork I found it to be interesting …and awakening to learn his thought process.  Continue reading


Why Consume Art: Aesthetics, Status, or Cultural Authority?

This blog post comes from a new class I am taking called Money and Ethics in the Contemporary Art World at Tufts University. Here are the notes and thoughts I found interesting that are drawn from Derrick Chong’s “Stakeholder relationships in the market for contemporary art” regarding art consumption and appreciation. 


Consuming Art for Aesthetics, Status, or Cultural Authority?

Aesthetics – Although this seems to be a given, I feel like there is more to what simply meets the eye.

The more you know, the more you appreciate art and thus satisfaction from arts consumption rises over time in many cases. However, this is debated over two opposing views. Continue reading