Be a Friend to your Customer. First.

Stranger -> Friend -> Customer

That middle step is a very important in building brand loyalty. Brand loyalty is what brings returning customers.  Making friends often comes from customer service, but let’s not get it confused with the process of Stranger -> Customer -> Friend.

Don’t wait, start right away.

If you are creating a website, segment your target demographics right away, and cater to them. Are you from New York or out of state? If you’re from out of state, click here, and check out this site with only information relevant to NYers. Look we even catered everything to you, complete with a joke about how the NY subway system is such a pain in the ass! We understand what you are going through and where you are coming from; we are trustworthy.

Why should a season ticket holder be treated like an average ticket holder? Cater to each!

You understand your customer, because your business works, so show it.


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