Emotional Intelligence in Entrepreneurs

           What makes a start-up company successful? Some say it is the product, the market, the competition and some say it is the

entrepreneur. It can be said that the company would fail without any of these components. Thus, these components must be analyzed in depth to determine the probability of success. However of all the components, how can an entrepreneur’s ability be measured? The first measure that comes to mind would be his resume, but experience alone cannot make an entrepreneur successful. IQ is definitely a factor, but according to Malcolm Gladwell in Outliers, studies have showed that after the threshold of 120 IQ, any higher IQ does not really have an effect. A term called emotional intelligence seems to be the missing “X” factor.

Emotional Intelligence is a relatively new field and thus currently a very popular topic of discussion. At the same time, there are also plenty of research left to be done and material to write about.

Here is a general outlook of the relationship between EI and entrepreneurship based on the research that has been done so far. Before looking into how EI relates with entrepreneurs, let’s look at…

What makes an Entrepreneur?

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